If you build it, they will come.
And, if they don't come right away...well, then, you can call me!




I'm available to you for 60 minutes at a time:

work with courtney for 3 months:


3 months

* Social platform help (IG, stories, FB, LinkedIn, You Tube, VIMEO, how to set up & connect them all)
*Developing a content plan in a scheduler & on paper
*Instagram/Facebook Analytics & what to do with it all
*Building/creating Brand Awareness
*​Using Canva, MailChimp, Later, Weebly, Showit, video
*Identifying your ICA's
*Help with social content that you are currently posting
*Brainstorming marketing goals/strategies & execution to help scale your business
*Campaign & community management
​*Setting up newsletters (Do's & Don'ts)
*​How to be AUTHENTICALLY you & build TRUST through storytelling
*Anything that you have questions with or need guidance on...no question is too big or small.

What does it include?
* 4x/mo 60 min custom tailored calls (12 total) detailed and with an agenda in mind so we can identify and create custom solutions to areas of concern.
*Slack support in the form of emails and texts where I review offers, work done and offer support in between calls.
*A collaboration of ideas and truths where no idea is too small or too big.
* Full support in all areas of concern and someone standing alongside you who makes it her business to get in your business.


Hourly flat rates 
or PACKAGE OF 4 60 minute sessions

Perfect for you if want custom-curated support designed specifically around your business, values and ICA's. 
Do you want to understand your business from the inside out and be able to scale and collaboratively come up with creative new ideas for your customers?

LEt's have a conversation about this 


You DON'T have a website & don't know where to begin:

*One-on-one work identifying your brand, Voice of Strategy and desires for your website look and feel.
*Using Weebly or Showit I create your custom website using your photos, logos & information.
*1 hour consultation going over your website so you can manage the site to make changes for yourself in the future.​
* This includes TEACHING YOU how to use and manage your own website with ease.
* Follow up emails and consulting if you get stuck or forget how to do something.

*This requires you to have a budget for your domain name and website platform.
 Prices vary depending on complexity of website, number of pages, online store, etc...and start around $2200)
To be determined when we chat.


You HAVE a website, but something's not right:

* 1 conversation getting to know you & your existing business over a cup of coffee, at your business or Zoom.
* A look into your branding and business itself.
* Option to make the appropriate changes we discuss to your website & updating it OR I can go through it with a fine-tooth comb and create a detailed list of suggestions on what changes would work best for your business on your website.
​* 1 hour follow up meeting after completion of website or suggested changes.

*This requires you to provide me with all necessary logins and access to images & logos for your business.
CONNECT with me to chat.


YOU MANAGE A TEAM OF INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS AND THEY don't understand how to brand themselves, where to begin or how to manage their social platforms

This is a Two Hour Interactive Seminar designed specifically for Independent Contractors who know they need to market themselves as a brand and have no idea where to begin.
I will cover:
* How to differentiate yourself as a brand.
* Why and how language influences others
* Questions clients ask vs what they SHOULD be asking
* How to sell yourself without selling ALL. THE. TIME.
* Identifying your ICA (Ideal Client Avatars) and how to use that information across social platforms.

I also allow for Q&A and follow-up contact after the seminar is over.



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