Are you JUST starting your Small Business?
Are you an Individual who needs to Brand themselves?
Do you have 9,465 thoughts swirling through your head and need to FOCUS?
​This was designed for YOU as the perfect place to get your thoughts and business strategy organized.

"Invest in as much of yourself as you can, you are your own biggest asset by far."
-Warren Buffet

Get off the ground and running after 3 short hours of hard work and all the excitement!
Spend two one hours sessions, 1:1 with me (in person or zoom) and then You're Golden will be your professional photographer - One hour, in any location you want and in 24hrs you get 50-60 unedited and downloadable images for you to edit and do with as you please!

*This package is available for Denver and surrounding area clients only

What Your Team will Learn:
* How to differentiate themselves
* Who they are as a brand
* How to identify their ICA's
* How to show up as an expert
* How to expand their visibility

They Will Walk Away Knowing:
* Who they are as brand
* What an ICA is and why they are important to identify
* How to connect with their ICA's in a way that is focused on THEM and not what they are selling.
* How to engage on digital content
* How to articulate what they do and how to be relevant and provide value.

professional branding package

Unapologetically You Group Seminar

Do you have a team of Independent Contractors that are struggling to market themselves and don't know where to begin?

Perfect for you if you are beginning to build your small business or if you are in the process of rebranding and wanting to start from scratch.

What Will You Walk Away With?
* The power to know that you have a vision, a way to attack it and the ability to handle the beginning stages on your own.
* A clear vision of what your brand is - along with a definitive Voice of Strategy.
* Who your ideal clients are and how to target these audiences.
* A starting point for mapping out and planning your social platforms along with an introduction to a content batching program and a platform to help you easily create designs and documents for your business.
* All documents will be sent to you from this crash course!


LEt's do this!

let's do this!




LET's chat, grab a cup of coffee or zoom 


DECIDE How we work together & how often


dive in & create your business vision


edit & revise & brainstorm as we go


use the tools given to you to stand in confidence & grow your business


What Working Together Looks Like

Recent Clients:

"Being a tiny startup, I never thought I could have access to the kind of support creative SOCIAL 360 offers. From the very first consultation call and every step of the way, it’s been a game changer. Working with Courtney makes things that could be overwhelming and frustrating to a one woman operation fun and manageable. Every call, every new assignment is exciting and informative. I look forward to what’s next each time."
-Molly Muffoletto, FluentYogis, Buffalo, NY

"Courtney is a pleasure to work with and so effective! We spent some time looking at my Facebook and Instagram accounts deciding who my target audience is and how best to reach them. After just a couple of short sessions my posts began to see a lot more traffic. I highly recommend Courtney and creativeSOCIAL360!
​--Justina Gooden-Helton, Small Business Owner, Idaho Falls, ID

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